Those of you who know me know this country boy don’t dress up often. Here’s a look from this weekend, the third time I has use for a jacket and tie in 2014.

Belvest 100% cashmere tweed
Brooks Brothers spread collar
Vintage Brooks Brothers emblematic tie
Basic no name trousers
Silvano Lattanzi shell cordovan
Big ole glass of Jack Daniels

Photo taken at Bryant & Cooper Steak House in Roslyn NY.

Last week’s accidental early start has me trying out a new format this week. The SEAM Store will setting them loose at 6:30 for a while. Lots of cool stuff this time around. I like shell cordovan, and I like tweed, but vintage is definitely my favorite. 

  1. 1940’s Chesterfield Coat
  2. Vintage Bowler Hat
  3. 1040’s Deadstock Boots
  4. Kiton Dotted Tie
  5. Ginormous Mimi Di N Cat Belt Buckle
  6. Kiton Medallion Check Tie
  7. 1970’s US Navy Flight Jacket
  8. Bulletproof Shawl Collar Coat (Johnsons)
  9. 1944 US Navy Pea Coat
  10. A big ol’ stack o’ tweed.

Was kinda hectic this week at The SEAM Store. Accidentally started al the auctions off an hour early….so here is the top ten….also an hour early.

  1. Turnbull & Asser Grenadine
  2. Salvatore Ferragamo Split Toe Bluchers
  3. 8 Assorted Silk Pocket Squares
  4. Allen Edmonds Bicycle Toe Shoes
  5. Vintage Gun Check Tweed
  6. Beretta Shooting Fleece
  7. Green Check Tweed
  8. Brioni Floral Print
  9. Duchamp Fun Tie
  10. Brioni Polka Dot