Didn’t get out on the road much this week, so it was fun to dig through the storage room and see what I forgot I had. 

  1. Satin Dragon Robe (Women’s Large / Men’s Med)
  2. Brooks Brothers Madras pants
  3. PRL White Seersucker Pants
  4. Bills Khakis Swordfish Pants
  5. 8 Piece Harris Tweed Cap
  6. Brooks Brothers Tie, worn by Ed Helms on “The Office”
  7. Barbour Tweed Cap
  8. Brooks Brothers Cotton Jacket with Leather Collar
  9. Silk Blend FU 3 Piece Suit
  10. Armani Ivory Dinner Jacket

It’s been a very interesting week here at The SEAM Store, lots of good stuff hitting the shelves tonight. Here are some of the best….you will probably recognize a couple from earlier in the week.

  1. Victorian/Edwardian Era U-Shape Lapel Dress Vest
  2. Antique Masonic Uniform, Knights Templar
  3. Chipp Corduroy Norfolk Coat
  4. Vintage Footjoy Saddle Shoes, White
  5. Florsheim V Cleat Gunboats
  6. Zegna Ornate Print Pink Tie
  7. RLPL Italy Black Pink Stripe Tie
  8. Solid Dark Red Brioni Tie
  9. Charvet Candy Stripe Tie
  10. Lot of 9 Pocket Squares

Haberdashboard, is more than just a website with a catchy name. It’s a new, innovative way to search for menswear on eBay. 

Over the last several months, I noticed an increasing number of “hits” on my web traffic reports from a site I never heard of before. I followed the links a few times, but never really investigated what it was. A few weeks ago, a fellow Styleforum member introduced himself as the guy who runs the site. I found his tumblr and began following it, but it wasn’t until last night that I really went to Haberdashboard.com and actually spent some time testing it out. 

While the site may appear a little sparse at first glance, it is really quite clever. Upon arrival, you are greeted by a landing page with an automatically updated galley of recently listed popular menswear items. The banner at the top of the page provides links to search by category (e.g., shoes, outerwear, suits, etc.) The star of the show is the “advanced search” link, which takes you to an all-inclusive search engine (pictured above). Here you input all of your sizing information at one time and search accordingly, narrowing by keyword, price range, and listing format. I went back and forth to the site a few times today and the advanced search remembered all of my size info, nice! The search results are arranged in gallery style with nice large photos.

Check out Haberdashboard today!

Summer is in full swing, a few lighter-weight items this week in The SEAM Store to help you beat the heat.

  1. Insane Tartan Suit
  2. Brooks Brothers Madison Birdseye Suit
  3. Peak Lapel Blue and Brass Blazer
  4. Chester Barrie Nailhead Suit
  5. Vintage Dupioni Silk Jacket
  6. Cantarelli Triple Patch Pocket Silk/Linen Blend Jacket
  7. Vintage Yellow Summer Sport Coat
  8. Yeah it’s Jos A bank, but I like it. Navy Tie
  9. Lot of 10 Silk Pocket Squares
  10. Cotton Madras Tie