Well, it’s not like I wasn’t productive around here this week, what with 600 listings total. It’s just that I only got around to doing shoes and ties……so here are some shoes and ties. I’ll try to keep it Spring-y

  1. Vintage Bostonian Shell Cordovan Shortwings - #8
  2. Vintage Hanover Shell Cordovan Tassel Mocs - Black
  3. Alden Shell Cordovan Tassel Mocs - #8
  4. Peccary Skin Glove Leather Loafers by Zelli
  5. Vintage French Shriner & Urner Shortwings
  6. Ballantyne Gold Garza Fina Grenadine
  7. NWT Zegna Floral Wave
  8. Brioni Floral Stripe
  9. NWT Emilio Pucci in retro print.
  10. Hermes Scattered “H”

Another busy week here at The SEAM Store. The weather was crazy, so I wasn’t sure what to bring out. So, how about a little of everything.

  1. Mint Allen Edmonds MacNeils in Black Shell Cordovan
  2. Duchamp spring floral tie, Italy
  3. NWT Bailey Panama Fedora
  4. NWT Italo Ferretti Tie, Chocolate Brown
  5. NWT Canali Linen Blend Patch Pocket Sport Coat
  6. Vintage Polka Check Dressing Gown
  7. Hickey Freeman Camel/Silk Sport Coat
  8. Vintage Edward Green Malvern for Brooks Brothers
  9. Bottega Veneta Basket Weave Leather Sandals
  10. Salvatore Ferragamo semi GATs

A record 513 live listings happening now! Don’t know about you, but I am glad spring has finally started to come around. To celebrate I have tossed in a few spring and summer items this week. Hoping to have a lot more coming in the weeks to follow.

Let’s see this week’s picks shall we……(as always the items below are linked, so click away!)

  1. Alden Shell Cordovan Saddle Shoes
  2. VTG Corbin Spring Pastel Sport Coat
  3. Excelled Type A-2 Bomber
  4. Polo White Bucks (US Olympic Team Shoe)
  5. Vintage Bostonian Shell Cordovan Loafers - Hanover Made
  6. NEW Purple Label Linen Summer Shirt
  7. Sulka Tie
  8. NEW Candy Stripe Tyrwhitt
  9. Summer Fun Ferragamo
  10. Route 66 Trafalgar Braces

Little bit of everything this week at The SEAM Store. With nearly 500 listings live now, you never know what you might find. Here is just a taste.

  1. Edward Green Cap Toe Oxfords
  2. Walk-Over Custom Grade Shell Cordovan Longwings
  3. Alpaca Wool Loden Coat Duffel
  4. Brooks Brothers Rain Trench, with removable wool lining
  5. Genuine Horn Toggle Hooded Duffel Coat
  6. Kelly Green Masters Blazer
  7. Shawl Lapel Smoking Robe
  8. Vintage Tweed, for those cool spring mornings
  9. Lacoste Surcingle
  10. Liberty of London Silk Square/Scarf

Not every day is a day at the beach around here …. lacasuarina

I’ve worked in a few pairs of calfskin shoes in the last few days as well. These Wildsmith & Co Cap Toe Oxfords by Edward Green had some challenging loose clear residue on the toe caps and faces. I employed my trusty deer bone, purchased recently from Exquisite Trimmings to gently remove it, leaving the surface quite smooth again. Added about 30 minutes worth of horse hair brushing and these babies are ready to go.

Coming Soon….